Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Gift of Tongues and Temple Blessings

As much as I love receiving an email on p-days, I so much more enjoy receiving an actual letter, from my missionary, in the mail.  I must be old school but there is nothing quite like reading about Alyssa's experiences and testimony in her own handwriting.  I have read and reread the letter so many times and it never ceases to amaze me how close I feel to her and how much growth and maturity she is gaining every day.  It is has only been just over two weeks and I can honestly say that I can't imagine it getting any better than this.  And yet,  I am sure it will and I have faith that it will.  I am going to put just a few excerpts from her letter here on the blog.  I would love to talk to anyone in person if you would like to know more in depth of the miracles she experienced this week.

"I love having lots of time to benkyo (study) the fukin (gospel) every single day, because I learn something new every time, which is suburashii!  This week I learned lots about Iesu Kirisuto no aganai (Jesus Christ's Atonement) and that has been very special.  I have learned that Serei (the Holy Ghost) will ALWAYS Akashi (testify) of Iesu Kirisuto, warashitachi no sukuinuishi (our Savior).  If you want to feel mitame (the spirit), study the aganai.  You will gain a much greater appreciation for what He sacrificed  for each and every one of us, and you will love Him even more! 

I also have really strengthened my Akashi of Igen no tamamono (the gift of tongues) this week.  All things considered, especially with the fact that I have zero background in nihongo, I am doing very well, and it is all thanks to Ten no Otosama (Heavenly Father).  My comprehension is excellent when it comes to vocab,  I am beginning to really understand the grammar, and I understand what is being said to me.  My Sensei told my district that I am a living example of igen no tamamono, and for that I am so grateful.  Not that is isn't muzukashi because it totally is, but Ten no Otosama is blessing me very step of the way, and it is truly a miracle."

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you again.  I know many are praying for Alyssa and especially for help with the Japanese language.  I am sure your prayers are being answered and that they are making a huge impact on Alyssa's life.  You are part of the miracle.  :)

The rest of the letter was in regards to an amazing experience she had at the Temple.  Alyssa has a great love for the Temple and it doesn't surprise me that deep spiritual experiences happen to her while she is there.  Roger sent her with a stack of family names to do while in the MTC and she has been sharing them with her District.  This past week  she had a very sacred and remarkable thing happen and certain members of her district were also involved.  I am sorry that I can't go into more details here.  However,  I know that she would want you all to know how strong of a testimony she has of the Temple and the work that we do there.  She would testify that there are people waiting on the other side that need our help and need the Gospel.  She would say that Family History work is so important and if we seek to do it in earnest, we will feel the guiding presence of angels, of our ancestors.  She wants to encourage us all to do family history work and pray to feel that our families are being united. 

I am in awe of the spiritual giant that my daughter is becoming.  I know I can learn from her and that even though I am not on a mission at this time,  I can still grow and progress and strive to strengthen my testimony and experiences in the Gospel here at home.

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