Friday, February 12, 2016

"What I've Learned about how to Survive the MTC"

The purpose of this blog is of course is to help us keep updated on Alyssa and her progress and work throughout her 18 months.  But in this short amount of time, I have learned that there is a wonderful byproduct of keeping this journal, and that is to help those who read it understand a little more about what it is like to serve a mission. If her writings can help others to first desire to serve the Lord and secondly prepare to do so then it is a success.  And ultimately it will help us all come a little closer to Christ and understanding his Gospel and our purposes here on earth.

Alyssa must feel the same way because we received this letter this week.  It has good, practical and fun advice to all future missionaries to help them prepare for the MTC.  I believe her whole district helped compile this and I found it to be valuable information.

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