Monday, March 20, 2017

10th Transfer Already? Nihon Week 54

Being an STL makes me so exhausted but I love it so much. I honestly feel like a big part of my mission was meant to be here helping all these sisters, and I have just gained so many new friends and learned so much about Christ like love and am just so grateful for this chance I have had to grow and to try and help others along the way as well. I love serving other sisters and missionaries! We have follow up phone calls every night which is fun but also makes me so tired haha, and exchanges are so fun too but also make me so tired...basically I am just way more tired but am also way happy and with more friends. It is super neat to serve in this capacity and I am grateful. I guess that really just sums up the majority of all my feelings lately, just a large bunch of gratitude. Literally I am so blessed, and we as church members are just so blessed. When we take a second to step back and think about it, how can we not feel and recognize love from God every single day?


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