Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Even though we still have some time before Alyssa gets home, (who is counting?), I asked her where she will want to spend her last Sunday as a missionary.  Following is her reply.  It is kind of cool to see how she has come full circle.

"So as far as church and stuff in Japan, I think it will have to be Yamatokoriyama because I want to go to church with my recent convert...which is crazy to think about but she won't even be a recent convert anymore when I come see her! She is doing so awesome Mom, it makes me so happy. I saw the YW President from Yamatokoriayama yesterday because her mom lives in Kawachinagano, and she said that Ayaka is doing super amazing. Ahh she is seriously such a joy of my mission. It was also funny because YW President took one look at me and then just shook her head and told me all about how I am COMPLETELY different than I was when I was there a year ago (maybe cuz I can speak now haha) and how she knows I have just turned into this strong and powerful missionary. It was really touching and kind of neat to hear that even a member has noticed that I have changed. Speaking of members, when you come to Kawachinagano, my favorite people in the WORLD the Minamimoto couple are making us dinner and we are going to have a takoyaki (pancake octopus ball things) party. They are already planning it haha. I love them so much."

Group Email

Minasan, konnichiwa!!

Hope this email finds you happy and well wherever you are, and hope
that you all enjoyed general Conference!! I haven't watched it yet
(shoutout Japan and time delays) but am so so excited to have the
chance to watch it this weekend with my wonderful ward members here!
Isn't it wonderful that God loves us so much that He gives us living
prophets and apostles?

Okay so now for the super super exciting news that some people were
super good to tell me about.....SARATOGA SPRINGS, UTAH IS GOING TO BE
GETTING A TEMPLE! Holy cow when I heard the news I got so excited that
I literally cried. It is amazing how much the work of the Lord is
picking up and rolling on. Can't wait to someday attend a temple in my
very own hometown.

This week was a bit of a hectic one for us, but it was good as usual
here in the mission. Some highlights included we had the chance to
travel to Wakayama and have interviews with President Welch! That man
is inspired and I love him a lot. So very grateful to be here working
with him at this time. He gave lots of counsel on leadership and how
to better serve my sisters, all of which was so great and needed.
Because of the big distance in traveling for the interviews and due to
some other circumstances that came up delaying everybody and their
schedule a bit, that day I had the chance to have an impromptu
exchange with Sister McGuire from Sennan. She is only a third Transfer
but is such a boss missionary and I am so proud of her and her
progression. We will have a couple more chances to work with her this
coming week and I am so excited!

In other news we had another lesson with Kana this week, and we had
the chance to teach her the Plan of Salvation and it was super great.
She had never really thought about life before and after ours here on
earth before, and so it was a neat experience to see the Spirit work
with her. She is progressing great and I am excited to see how it all
goes with her!

Another neat experience that we had was the chance to go and teach
this kid named Yuto Ueda, the son of a less active who had been less
active for many many years. We taught him about God for the first time
and the Spirit was SO strong. It all really resonated with him and he
told us how completely he believes and how much he desires to pray.
Seriously golden. I am truly coming to understand what it means when
the Lord commands us to become like a little child.
Sorry this is super short, we went to Kyoto to go and see cherry
blossoms with some members and whatnot and so I am not really gonna
get a good email out this week...please bother my family for further
enlightenment haha.

One last thought of mine is about PEACE. The new Easter campaign came
out this week and I hope you all had the chance to watch it! This past
week we have had the chance to work with some people going through
some incredibly hard situations which have left many emotionally tired
and scarred...and at the end of the day the only thing that bring true
peace is our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the life and the light of the
world and is the source of peace that can last even amongst our times
of deepest struggle and sorrow. He is incredible and I love Him so

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Aishiteimasu!

Sister Pickering



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