Wednesday, September 9, 2015


A few days after receiving my call, I decided that I was too excited focus on my classes at BYU any longer and all I wanted to do was learn about Japan!  So I called up my mom, and within a few hours we had a girls night planned.  We went to dinner, talked all about the mission, and ended the night at Barnes and Noble where we grabbed stacks and stacks of books about Japan, specifically Kobe and the other cities that I will serve in.  It was so much fun and really helped to put more fire in my veins about my excitement for my call.  I began to truly fall in love with Japanese culture from what I was able to learn from the books, and I am so excited to get out there in real life!
Should have been studying for American Heritage, but I thought learning about Japan would be way more fun (and FYI, I was totally right with that assumption)

Thank goodness Barnes and Noble had a globe for the traditional "Point Where You Are Going" photo, because at the Pickering household we are sadly lacking.
SUSHI!  Which just so happens to be my very favorite food...

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