Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Final Preparations

Well,  it's officially Alyssa's last day at home and I was grateful that she chose to spend it with me going to the Oquirrh Temple to do one last session together.  It was beautiful and peaceful and just what we needed to give us a boost to make it through the day.  The previous Saturday she went to the Salt Lake Temple with her Dad.  It just proved to me once again where her priorities are focused.  There were so many things she could have been doing with her last bit of freedom.  But she was about the Lord's business and it made me proud.

After a nice lunch with Dad, and a few last minute errands, we arrived home to face the insurmountable task of packing.

I believe it was the first of many mission miracles that they were able to fit every thing in her suitcases with room to spare.  Trying to plan on every contingency for 18 months was challenging and I think she covered just about every scenario.  But we did it.  Now we just have to hope that she can fit it all back in after her time in the MTC.

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