Wednesday, January 6, 2016

MTC Adress

For those wishing to write to Alyssa  here is her MTC Address:

Sister Alyssa Pickering
2005 N. 900 E., Unit 40
Provo, Utah  84602

This is for those that wish to send her letters or packages directly.  Of course you can always email her at  This obviously goes straight to her email that she can read on her p-days.

There is one more convenient and nice option for sending her a letter.  If you go to the website:  it will give you the opportunity of sending a letter for free.  Basically you type your letter on their page and they will then print it out and deliver it daily to Alyssa.  That way she gets a hard copy of your letter (with no need for a stamp) and not just on p-days.  It has helped me feel like she is not so far away :)

Happy writing!

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